A Beginner’s Guide To Supplements

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Here at Myvitamins, we want to make your health as simple as possible. Whether you want to boost your natural energy levels, strengthen your nails or improve your fitness performance, we can help. Here’s our beginner’s guide to supplements.  

Start With A Multivitamin  

Multivitamins are a great choice for supplement beginners wanting to boost their intake of several vitamins and minerals at once. Depending on your diet or health goals, you might need some nutrients more than others:  

Vegan & Vegetarian Multivitamins

Whilst a plant-based lifestyle can give you all of the nutrients you need, deficiencies of vitamin B and iron are commonly associated with these diets.  

Some top sources of vitamin B include meat, seafood, eggs and dairy products. It’s also found in smaller amounts in leafy greens, seeds and nutritional yeast. Without enough vitamin B you could experience tiredness, low energy, headaches and reduced appetite. 1 

Similarly, iron is mostly found in animal products including red meats, fish and poultry. Iron deficiency, or anaemia affects an estimated 30% of the global population. (2) Symptoms include fatigue, heart palpitations and pale skin. 

Hair, Skin & Nails Multivitamins

If you’re specifically looking for a supplement to boost your inner-beauty routine, try one with higher levels of biotin and zinc to help strengthen hair, skin and nails. (3) Other nutrients to look out for include copper to maintain normal skin pigmentation (4) and vitamin C to support collagen formation. 5

Vitamin D 

If you don’t feel that you need all of the ingredients in a multivitamin, a vitamin D supplement is good addition to your daily routine. We make vitamin D naturally from sunlight, meaning in the winter months our levels can drop, especially if we spend lots of time indoors. To combat this, the NHS recommends taking a daily vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter months. 

Supplements For Women 

Females have a variety of unique nutritional needs that can be supported by supplements. Some of our bestsellers for women include:

  • Active Women – An expert blend of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, zinc and folic acid. We’ve also added vitamin D and calcium, two nutrients recommended to support bone density during menopause.
  • Hormone Balance – This Myvitamins bestseller contains vitamin B6 to help regulate female hormonal health, (6) along with inositol and CoQ10, two popular ingredients found in fertility products.
  • Evening Primrose Oil – Primrose oil is a popular plant extract well known for its benefits on PMS and menopause symptoms. Our Evening Primrose Softgels are a high quality source with added linoleic acid, an organic compound that plays a role in heart health.

To find out more about recommended supplements for women, take a look at our blog post:


5 Vitamins For Women


5 Vitamins For Women

2021-03-04 10:20:04By Beth Addey

Supplements For Men  

Similarly, males can benefit from the extra nutrients in supplements, especially when it comes to energy levels and hormonal wellbeing. Our three top recommendations for men are:

  • Alpha Men – A formulation of 35 essential vitamins and minerals designed to boost your wellness from within. Each capsule contains vitamins B, C and D along with calcium and magnesium.
  • T-Perform  – This combination of minerals and active ingredients helps to support testosterone levels and maintain male hormonal health.
  • Omega 369 – Essential fatty acids are an important part of heart health, brain function and much more. Our Omega 369 Softgels are a quick and easy way to support your intake, ideal if you have a busy, active lifestyle.

Can You Take Too Many Vitamins? 

Excess amounts of vitamins and minerals are usually flushed out of the body through urine. However, really high levels of nutrients can cause a variety of health complications. It’s important therefore, not to take too many supplements in combination with a balanced diet.  

As a general rule, we’d recommend taking one multivitamin only and reading the labels of all our products to check if two can be taken together. If you’re unsure or begin to feel unwell, please seek advice from a medical professional.  

A Personalised Supplement Plan  

To find out which vitamins and minerals can support your specific goals, try our Goal Selector, here.  

  3. Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and skin, zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, skin and nails.
  4. Copper supports normal skin pigmentation​.
  5. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.
  6.  Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

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