We’ve taken the guess work out of health and wellness and have designed 5 Exclusive Dealmoon bundles just for you. Whether you are looking to maintain your youthful looks, lose weight or get a good night’s sleep, we have tailor-made vitamin and mineral combinations to suit your every need. 


New In – Holiday Essentials Hair Growth Bundle | 增发套装:

Our Hair Growth bundle is designed to support and help maintain a strong hair condition. The bundle includes 3 products; Biotin, Catwalk Queen, and One for All. Biotin helps to maintain the condition of your hair, skin and nails. Catwalk Queen is a multivitamin blend containing vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to support the production of collagen within the body. One for All is a multivitamin formulated with your essential 7 vitamins to help support your energy levels and overall good health. All 3 products can be used in conjunction with one another.

该套装专为发量偏少,发髻线上移者设计。套餐中共有3件产品:Biotin(生物素)、Cat Walk Queen (秀场女王)、复合维生素。其中,各自的功效如下。生物素:减少掉发、增发、维护头发发质健康。秀场女王:增加发质光泽度指甲韧性、延缓细胞衰老。复合维生素:提供每天必须7种维生素,维持身体健康。3件产品可同时食用。该套装专为发量偏少,发髻线上移者设计。套餐中共有3件产品:Biotin(生物素)、Cat Walk Queen (秀场女王)、复合维生素。其中,各自的功效如下。生物素:减少掉发、增发、维护头发发质健康。秀场女王:增加发质光泽度指甲韧性、延缓细胞衰老。复合维生素:提供每天必须7种维生素,维持身体健康。3件产品可同时食用。

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