We’ve taken the guess work out of health and wellness and have designed 5 Exclusive Dealmoon bundles just for you. Whether you are looking to maintain your youthful looks, lose weight or get a good night’s sleep, we have tailor-made vitamin and mineral combinations to suit your every need. 


Body Health Bundle - Dealmoon Health & Wellness Bundle | 长辈送礼套装:

Our Health & Wellness bundle is designed for complete nutritional support. The bundle includes 4 products; Omega 369, Q10, Joint Effort and Aloe Vera tablets. Omega 369 helps you to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, supports heart health and is rich in antioxidants. Q10 supports other enzymes in the body to carry out essential functions including energy production and absorption of other nutrients. Joint Effort supports bones health, collagen levels and protects cartilage function. Aloe Vera tablets promote stomach health, supports digestion and maintains bowel regularity. All 4 products can be used in conjunction with one another.

该套装专为长辈设计,实用性极强。同时,意于让长辈感受到晚辈的关爱。套餐中共有4件产品:鱼油(Omega 369)、Q10(辅酶)、钙片、养胃芦荟精华片。其中,各自的功效如下。鱼油: 帮助预防三高,健脑益智,疏通血管。Q10(辅酶):帮助改善充血性心里衰竭,保护心肌肉以及血管功能。钙片:补钙,降低关节因冲击运动时受伤的风险。养胃芦荟精华片:6克全芦荟中提取高纯度30毫克芦荟提取物,有助胃溃疡的修复,帮助人体缓解消化系统负重的效果。

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Sleep Bundle - Dealmoon Sleep Bundle | 助睡眠套装:

Our Sleep bundle is designed to make sure you get your recommended 8 hours of sleep. The bundle includes 3 products; Beauty Sleep, 5HTP and One for All. Beauty sleep is designed to support your sleep as well as maintain the health of your hair, skin and nails. 5HTP is a source of naturally occurring amino acid and supports overall wellbeing. One for All is a multivitamin blend designed to help maintain and improve your overall health and wellbeing. All 3 products can be taken in conjunction with each other.

该套装专为失眠者设计,帮助您提高睡眠质量的同时并修复肌肤。套餐中共有3件产品:Beauty Sleep(美容睡眠)、5HTP(褪黑素)、One for all (复合维生素)。其中,各自的功效如下。美容睡眠:延长深度睡眠时长。其中,锌、镁元素可帮助调节气色和维护头发和指甲生长。5HTP(褪黑素):改善睡眠、缩短睡前时间以及入睡时间,非常适合倒时差者。复合维生素:在睡梦中,提供每天必须7种维生素,维持身体健康。3件产品可同时食用。

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Weight Loss Bundle - Dealmoon Weight Loss Bundle | 轻松减肥套餐:

Our Weight loss bundle is designed to aid you in your weight loss journey. The bundle includes 4 products; White Kidney Bean Extract, CLA, Raspberry Choline and Inulin. Each of these products have been selected for their key benefits; White Kidney Bean extract is designed to help reduce the body's absorption of carbohydrates. CLA helps to increase your basal metabolic rate and reduces fat content. Raspberry Choline helps to speed up the fat burning process alongside a healthy diet. Inulin is designed to improve your gut and bowel health. All 4 products can be taken in conjunction with each other.


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Beauty Bundle - Dealmoon Beauty Bundle | 抗衰老补水美容套装:

Our Beauty bundle is designed for female beauty and wellbeing. The bundle includes 4 products; Collagen and Coconut Capsules, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A and One for All. Collagen & Coconut helps to reduce the appearance of fine line and hydrates the skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps to retain moisture within the skin. Vitamin A helps to maintain normal keratin levels and helps to reduce breakouts. One for All is designed to support our general health and is a must have to any beauty regime. All 4 products can be taken in conjunction with each other.


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New In – Holiday Essentials Hair Growth Bundle | 增发套装:

Our Hair Growth bundle is designed to support and help maintain a strong hair condition. The bundle includes 3 products; Biotin, Catwalk Queen, and One for All. Biotin helps to maintain the condition of your hair, skin and nails. Catwalk Queen is a multivitamin blend containing vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to support the production of collagen within the body. One for All is a multivitamin formulated with your essential 7 vitamins to help support your energy levels and overall good health. All 3 products can be used in conjunction with one another.

该套装专为发量偏少,发髻线上移者设计。套餐中共有3件产品:Biotin(生物素)、Cat Walk Queen (秀场女王)、复合维生素。其中,各自的功效如下。生物素:减少掉发、增发、维护头发发质健康。秀场女王:增加发质光泽度指甲韧性、延缓细胞衰老。复合维生素:提供每天必须7种维生素,维持身体健康。3件产品可同时食用。该套装专为发量偏少,发髻线上移者设计。套餐中共有3件产品:Biotin(生物素)、Cat Walk Queen (秀场女王)、复合维生素。其中,各自的功效如下。生物素:减少掉发、增发、维护头发发质健康。秀场女王:增加发质光泽度指甲韧性、延缓细胞衰老。复合维生素:提供每天必须7种维生素,维持身体健康。3件产品可同时食用。

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