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Myprotein Resistance Bands

5 Different Resistance Bands

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Myprotein Resistance Bands are extra-strong, long resistance bands designed for heavy duty training. Resistance bands are primarily for use with bench press and deadlift training, where they add extra resistance. However, they can also be adapted to help with pull-ups and other body weight exercises such as press-ups.

Myprotein Resistance Bands are sold in pairs to ensure the greatest variety of exercises can be performed with five different resistances available; ranging from 2-79 kgs.

All resistance bands are made from one piece 100% latex rubber; offering durability, strength and memory. Each band measures 104cm in length.

Resistance Levels:

  • 2-16kg (Red Band)
  • 11-36kg (Purple Band)
  • 23-54kg (Green Band)
  • 27-68kg (Blue Band)
  • 32-79kg (Orange Band)
Key Benefits
  • Effective for both upper and lower body training
  • Add extra resistance to your exercises.

A variety of exercises can be performed using Myprotein Resistance Bands. For more specific direction we recommend seeking the advice of a fitness expert.

Always inspect your bands carefully before use for any tears, wear or damage. Myprotein Resistance Bands (like any rubber band) will eventually wear or break over time. Do not use a damaged or worn band, and do not use them for something that they are not intended for.

Please seek the advice of a fitness expert before using Myprotein Resistance Bands..

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